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**Please print, sign, and bring at time of pickup**

  • Please let us know if you are interested in bringing home a Jovial Acres kid and we can add your name to our interest/waiting list, no deposit necessary. (We also have a deposit received reservation list for more seriously interested.) After kids are born, they are offered to those on the reservation list first, then the interest/waiting list.

  • Purchases of kids will be based on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.

  • *Please note that all deposits are non-refundable once you have agreed on your purchase.*

  • Payment of half of the purchase price is required to hold any adult for sale, or any kid after they are born. We accept cash, check, PayPal, and Venmo for deposits and payments. Final payment must be made either before, or at the time you pick up your animal(s), in cash.

  • Prices will be honored on all reservations, however prices may be subject to change if no reservations have been made.

  • All buck kids will be evaluated structurally and also determined by the quality of the dam’s mammary system after kidding.

  • All buyers are given an Application For Registration (for each kid purchased) for AGS and/or ADGA. Applications can be sent in to the registry by the purchaser, and a certified copy of registration will be issued and sent directly to the purchaser’s home address. (Kids may be registered via the registry website(s) by breeder, preferred method.)

  • All adults purchased will come registered with AGS and/or ADGA and buyer will need to take care of the transfer of ownership with the registries.

  • *In the event that the buyer makes the difficult decision to sell any animal(s) purchased from Jovial Acres, the buyer will notify and offer the animal(s) back to us first. *

  • *Jovial Acres reserves the right to retain any kid born on our farm at any time for any reason.* Should we decide to retain an animal that was reserved, any deposit will be promptly refunded or rolled over towards another available kid.

  • * Shipping of any kids will be determined *

  • Animals need to be picked up at the farm, (or have arrangements made for your animal(s) to be transported by a professional), when the kid reaches 8 weeks of age in order to avoid any boarding fees. Boarding fees are charged on a day by day basis of $3 per day per animal.

  • All animals must be paid for in full. (including any boarding fees), before leaving the farm.

  • *Buyers are responsible for any and all fees pertaining to shipping/transporting and health certificates (if required).
    We may be willing or able to drive within the state of NY to meet buyers. *A special trip may require a fuel fee.*

  • Please feel free to contact us via email at regarding any reservations or questions you may have, and like or follow our Facebook page at as updates will be most timely there.

  • Please bring signed copy of the above at time of purchase, or one will be provided for signature before animal(s) can leave the farm.

Reservation & Sales Policy

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