Jovial Acres

First Fresheners

Tiny Angels MonkeyCMonkeyBlu

Blue eyes / Moonspots 

S: Two Roads Going Bananas

SS: Cats Cradle EM Megabucks

SD: Tiny Angels M Muffin

D: Tiny Angels A Blue Bonnet
DS: Humble Acres A Atreus

*1st Place 'Get Of Sire' Fryeburg Fair 2017 (Deceased 2/17)*
DD: GCH Weedy Tavern Farm Lilly EEEE FS 93

*5x GCH, 3x Res/ GCH. 6x BOB, 2x BUIS, 1x BDIS & All in her 1st year in the show ring at 8 years old!!

Jovial Acres - TBA -


S: Jovial Acres R STormin' Norman

SS: Tiny Angels T Lil' Ralphie

SD: Doubletree Dax

D: One Willow T Lil' Neytiri

DS: Prarie Wiid Tatonka

DD: Rosasharn SP Honey Possum

Lil' Rock Farm C Minnie


S: Ivy Creek's T Lil Cavan

SS: God's Love Farm O Tigerboy *S

SD: Whispering Winds Lil' Angel

D: One Willow G Lil' Calypso

DS: Fairlea Guiseppe

DD: One Willow Westie